Q&A with Josie Howell on being the Class of 2023’s Salutatorian!


Josie Howell

Josie Howell will attend The University of Texas at Austin in the fall, studying Biomedical Engineering.

1. What has paid off most in getting to this spot?
Josie: “I would say hard work always pays off! Not only did I do well in my classes because I tried to do all the homework and assignments, but I think I also really learned the material which I know will help me a lot going forward.”

2. What are you most looking forward to in the near future?
Josie: “I’m really excited for college and all the opportunities for growth there! I love being independent and know I will have to work hard to ensure I study enough while balancing a social life. Austin is also my favorite place so I’m really excited to live there, too.”

3. How has Lake Highlands and/or your friends and family helped you along the way?
Josie: “My friends and family have always been really supportive of me and my goals. They understand when I need to stay in and study for a test or spend time on an assignment. However, I think they are all also really great at keeping me grounded and reminding me to get out and not take it too seriously.”

4. Were you always expecting to be salutatorian?
Josie: “No, I was never really trying to rank. I just always took AP and harder classes for college and did my best in all of them and this is where I ended up. I feel very blessed.

5. Is there any advice you would give to any upcoming seniors?
Josie: “Enjoy your senior year! It is not that serious! Take hard classes and do your best but not at the expense of the memories and time with your friends and family in your last year at home.”