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Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs


Taylor Swift. You know, the blonde with the bold cherry-red lipstick? The fearless mastermind behind The Eras Tour? Due to Swift’s brilliance in her song writing, it took quite a bit of time to finalize my top 10 favorite songs of hers, but here they are. (PS. If you haven’t noticed by the end of the article, my favorite albums are Reputation and 1989.) 


  1. Style 

While Taylor has never and probably will never directly mention any of her exes in her discography, Style is a not-so-subtle hint to her former relationship with the British actor and singer, Harry Styles. “You’ve got that long hair, slicked back, white T-shirt” points to Styles’ iconic long and curly boy band-esque hair. The third track of Swift’s 1989 album earned her the 2016 title of “Songwriter of the Year.” Even today, Taylor and Harry’s relationship will continue to awe fans of both artists as we not-so-patiently pray for a feature from Styles on Taylor’s upcoming re-record of 1989. Style earns a spot on this list for the suspected Harry mention, alone. 


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  1. Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer earns a spot on this list for its bridge alone. While the Lover track earned a large amount of its fame on TikTok, the song is one of the loudest screamed songs at The Eras Tour, in my opinion. Even if you’re not a big fan of the Lover album, you’ve without a doubt heard Swift’s song describing the beginning of her relationship with Joe Alwyn. The lyrics, ““I love you,” ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard?” point to the new and exciting relationship between the two and the possible anticipation of saying “I love you.” 


  1. Getaway Car 

The ninth track of the Reputation album released in 2017 is potentially one of the catchiest of Swift’s songs. Her lyrics of Getaway Car describe her relationship with Tom Hiddleston in 2016. The line, “I wanted to leave him, I needed a reason” emphasizes the end of Swift’s relationship with Calvin Harris and the beginning of her relationship with the 42-year-old actor of Loki. The song’s bridge with the lyrics “X marks the spot where we fell apart” is possibly the best bridge aside from Cruel Summer. The song also emphasizes the common human doubt we feel in relationships that maybe what seems “right” isn’t always what’s best. 


  1. Out Of The Woods 

Out Of The Woods is another one of Swift’s songs that point to her ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles; so, of course, it had to go on the list. To be honest, I don’t think this song really needs an explanation on why it’s so brilliant. Out Of The Woods’ bridge is something to admire, similar to every song Swift has ever written. But, the song ties a connection to one of my favorite fictional relationships. Jess and Rory from Gilmore Girls are the epitome of this 1989 track along with the lyrics, “Remember when we couldn’t take the heat? I walked out, I said “I’m setting you free.”” Jess and Rory will always have a special place in my heart, and Out Of The Woods coincides with it. 


  1. I Did Something Bad 

The Reputation album that Swift released was an announcement to the public and to her fans that she was done hiding who she was. For several reasons, Swift has the immense talent to get away with writing any kind of song and having it sound just as incredible as the rest of her discography, if not more. The 2017 album is no exception. The lyrics “They say I did something bad – But why’s it feel so good?” are a reminder to many young girls that have been influenced by Swift that it’s good to feel like you have the power to change something. Up until her Reputation album, she had to act put together. But then, she released the album and became a force to be reckoned with to everyone around her, including her fans. 


  1. Electric Touch (Feat. Fall Out Boy) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) 

When Taylor re-recorded her 2010 album, Speak Now, she released six unheard tracks that were written at the time, which are called vault tracks. Electric Touch is the first of the vault tracks she released and it features the rock band, Fall Out Boy. This is the only song on the list that contains a feature of another artist on one of Swift’s tracks. Taylor has collaborated with other artists like HAIM, Lana Del Rey, Ed Sheeran, Hayley Williams, and Bon Iver. My favorite lyrics are “All I know is this could either break my heart or bring it back to life.” I don’t entirely have a reason for why Electric Touch speaks to me, but quite honestly, any of Taylor’s songs have that kind of potential. 


  1. I Wish You Would 

1989 being one of my favorites of Taylor’s albums made this choice very difficult. While a largely underrated track from the album, I’m a huge fan of any song about wanting to take back something that happened. While that theme does commonly run in a majority of Swift’s songs, the lyrics “I wish we could go back – And remember what we were fighting for” are something I have always loved since the moment I first heard the song. The entire album of 1989 is one of the best things Taylor has ever done and I apologize for the person I will become when she releases 1989 (Taylor’s Version).


  1. Gorgeous 

The Reputation track released in 2017 tugs at my heart for one line in particular. Unrequited love sucks, right? Aside from me and my friend sending the lyrics of Gorgeous back and forth over text, the song will always mean something to me. Everytime I hear the song, I belt the lyrics, “If you’ve got a girlfriend, I’m jealous of her – But if you’re single that’s honestly worse” louder than any other line of the song. Gorgeous is on the top of my list of Taylor Swift songs that I have fully memorized. Also, if anyone asks, I think the song represents Taylor meeting Joe Alwyn three months before she and Tom Hiddleston called it quits. 


  1. The Great War 

Swift released the Midnights album on October 21, 2022 at midnight and struck the world with a collaboration of styles from 1989, Speak Now, Lover, and Reputation. It’s an all encompassing album, and The Great War in my opinion, has the potential to be the best song from the album. While Taylor released the original 13 songs at midnight, there were eight additional tracks released at 3 a.m. The Great War perfectly encapsulates Taylor’s method of loving others by showing that she’s more thoughtful and susceptible to pain than the public thinks she is. As one of my all time favorite Taylor Swift songs, The Great War will always have a special place in my heart. 


  1. The Story Of Us (Taylor’s Version) 

Finally: what you’ve been waiting for. My all time favorite Taylor Swift song. The Story Of Us. I first heard the song from an edit of Steve and Nancy from Stranger Things. The bridge alone is enough to make me scream. “This is looking like a contest – Of who can act like they care less – But I liked it better when you were on my side.” I mean… how good is that bridge? The song itself holds so much nostalgia for me with different TV shows and while surprisingly enough, my favorite song isn’t from Reputation or 1989, the song is something I would give anything for to hear live. When Taylor released Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) in July, The Story Of Us was the first track I listened to. I knew it would be incredible just like everything else Swift does, but this song will always and forever be my favorite of her songs. 


Taylor Swift will continue to be my favorite musical artist and I’m astonishingly proud of all that she has done and she continues to surprise Swifties around the world with her plans. I hope Taylor is the kind of person that people in 100 years will tell their grandchildren about. I know I will. What do you think?

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    I loved you put all the best songs and you explaining them with comparisons like Gilmore Girls, just perfect