The movement behind Music!


By: Joaquin Swinney

Music is what connects us all, regardless of religion, cultural background, and socioeconomic status. Because of this, we are able to make connections and relate to our peers through this art. Many of us at LHHS have learned to rely on music in one way or another, whether it’s for studying, relaxing, or something as simple as background noise. 

Jackson Enderli, a junior, described music as “an escape,” which is a common theme among all students. 

“Whenever I don’t feel like conversing with people, I’ll just go listen to music on my own,” Enderli described. When overwhelmed socially, music is a useful tool that Jackson utilizes in order to detach and relax.

Oftentimes, music can give us an abundant feeling of happiness. Whether it’s when we hear the intro to our favorite song, or when we hear the guitar solo that shreds at the end of it. Julia Tedla,a sophomore, said that this phenomenon is from a chemical called Dopamine. Dopamine can be released in the brain at these times which causes an exuberant feeling of happiness and overall pleasure.

Altogether, students and teachers alike all listen to music in order to proceed through their day on a daily basis. It feels as if it’s a need more than a want for most. Music does more for us than most people know!